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Sustainable Fashion - Why it's Important

Laura Berg

Posted on February 19 2019

A couple weeks ago, I shared what sustainable fashion means in the world around us. But why does that matter? Well, as much as I’ve discovered about this industry, I’m always learning (aren’t we all?!). Late in 2018 I delved into recent statistics on what fashion has to do with protecting the environment. Like, for example the 12.8 millions of tonnes of clothes that end up in landfills every year? You read right - millions of tonnes!

So because you care about the world around you too, I want to share some of the statistics that shocked me:

  • It’s estimated that around 30% of all clothes made are never sold. In 2018, H&M reported that they are sitting on $4.3 billion dollars of unsold inventory and Burberry reportedly destroyed 28.6 million pounds of product.
  • The fashion industry has created 92 million tons of textile waste and 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases emitted from textiles production (more than international flights and maritime shipping combined). About 50% of fast fashion produced is disposed in under a year (but 95% of discarded clothing can be recycled or up-cycled!).

Our clothes are our chosen skin; every item has a story behind it, carrying energy from seed to skin, similar to how our food does. So it makes sense when we choose to be mindful about the fuel we feed our bodies that we start to move towards being mindful about the clothes put on our bodies.

The majority of the people who make our clothes are women (80%), many of whom still live in poverty, unable to afford life’s basic necessities, and are subject to exploitation, verbal and physical abuse while working in unsafe and dirty conditions with very little pay. With #MeToo movement and the continued spread of female empowerment, I want to point out that we can't empower women in one part of the world, and disempower them in another part of the world!

These stats are shocking (and scary!). Thankfully, though, I believe that when we know better, we can do better which is why I wanted to share these insights with you. Let's continue to create change together! 

With love,


PS - Stay tuned for an upcoming post getting into the nitty-gritty of activewear specifically. It’s been a process for me to have majority ethical and sustainable activewear which is why I want to make it easier for women to find ethical and sustainable options for their active lives!

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