2018: A Year in Review

Laura Berg

Posted on January 02 2019


Hey Babes! 

I'm LB, the founder, and owner of NSS!

I launched my first conscious athleisure collections in June 2018 after months of contemplation, research, planning and creating behind the scenes. One of my goals for 2019 is to share more about my story, the Nourish Sweat Soul story and the intentions behind the brand, including why I started a lifestyle brand that focuses on ethical and sustainable practices. 

When I was laid off my full-time job and turned 30 last summer, it took me another 6 months to truly take the leap to focus on NSS full time. In all honesty, fear and limiting beliefs held me back. I've told myself countless times, who am I to start a small business with fashion as the foundation, with no education or background in fashion? But I've reminded myself countless times, and am reminded by my incredible support system, that my story and passion for conscious living and ethical fashion is more important to what I am creating. 

When I lost my home in a natural disaster in 2013, that experience broke me but also became one of the best things that have happened to me, guiding me on a path to live mindfully and purposely. As I learned about social and environmental exploitation in the fashion industry, I was motivated to create a positive alternative in the altheisure wear niche, the style of clothing I wear every day. I feel proud that I started something I am passionate about, I am driven to bring more awareness and advocate for fair fashion, for people and our planet.

As I close the chapter that is 2018, I want to share a bit about the ebb and flow that this journey has been the past year: 

 -I ended 2017 finally deciding to create NSS, the small business and conscious lifestyle brand.

-I started 2018 with autoimmune alopecia diagnosis and had to take several months to focus on my health, delaying the NSS launch.

-In June 2018 I finally launched NSS, my first two collections, two months behind schedule, and also semi-retired from teaching (yoga and spin) to focus on my health and NSS.

-In August I partially tore my quadricep, leaving me inactive for two months, an unexpected mental, physical and emotional challenge, and delaying the launch of my next collection.

-In 2018 I set up four retail locations in Calgary, AB (Juice Because, Barre West, Yoga Nova Studios and Outside the Shape), and I have few fabulous partners in LA including Wanderlust, LA Barre Belle, and YogaWorks.

-Drew Barrymore (that is not a typo) bought 8 pieces from me at two events in LA (including the Veg Dye Echo Bras, Veg Dye Playa Leggings and Palisades Hoodie) and I patiently waited until after the pop up to cry of happiness. 

-In late 2018, I set up my first retail location in Edmonton, Alberta, with YogaLife Studios and I can't wait to connect more with the YEG community and beyond!

-In 2018 I had my first two small batch wholesale orders (Good + Wild and Noble Yoga Sonoma) and I am preparing to offer more wholesale in 2019!

-In November 2018 I launched my third collection called Celestial, introducing limited edition colors, new styles and fabrics to NSS offerings, including eucalyptus fleece.

-I ended 2018 and am still reflecting on the many difficult lessons I've learned starting a small business, but also celebrating the victories, even the small ones.

-I will start 2019 creating a 5 year plan for NSS. I only budgeted and planned for year one and now I am ready to fully commit to my creation and nurture my baby company to blossom.

I have been incredibly fortunate to connect with and build relationships with many phenomenal, badass boss babes. The real and rawness behind their brands is what inspires me most, which in turn motivates me to share my entrepreneurial story, and continue to connect with women following their desired paths. 

Thank you to our NSS community, to all the NSS babes that have made bringing the brand to life possible (you know who you are), to my friends and family, who have supported and cheered me on from the beginning, during the good, the great, the bad, and really bad. I am immensely grateful and intend to stay true to my values and intentions in growing NSS. I have some exciting things planned for 2019, more creating, collaborating and growth. I hope you will stay along for the journey and continue to share NSS with all the babes in your life.

Happy New Year!

With Love,


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